Book research…

by tiffanybtlr71991

Some of the books provided in class have been extremely helpful, these particular images bellow are most relevant to me.

The first two images are from the book Pattern Design Applications and Variations, By Lou Andrea Savoir. I really appreciate how a complex illustration can be made to appear simple and cultured within a pattern.


The next images from the V&A Pattern book by Walter Crane, reminded me of my initial research into William Morris. Walter Crane was an English artist and book illustrator. He is considered to be the most prolific and influential children’s book creator of his generation. He was, like Morris, apart of the Arts and Crafts movement. I like his work because of its beautiful and complex nature, whilst telling a story and provoking thought into culture.


The next image was one that I had found previously which had influenced me to research further into Paul Smith. This image was found in the book Print in Fashion, Design and Development in Textil Fashion, By Marine Fogg. The floral pattern swatches are absolutely stunning, I love how bold and colourful they are while still remaining mature and sophisticated.


Lastly, I decided to investigate some pop culture patterns, which were taking urban culture references and reproducing their already commercial form. I especially liked this pattern as it expresses pop in a minimal way. I enjoy sophistication within a design while still being able to provide an eye catching and mesmerizing design.ImageImage