Reflection on Digital Printing:

by tiffanybtlr71991

I really enjoyed the creative freedom we had within this project. I felt like it was a great collaboration of both fashion and communication design practices. I learnt alot about the process of digital printing and how it compares to traditional methods of hand printing. With my final print I’m pleased with the decision to choose the bold colours which are intensified even further by the black negative space, something that was a little un-natural for me within my own design comfort and was a learning curve. I enjoyed playing with scale and layout, something that I felt was quite important when working with such detailed images. It was a great experience to play physically with my material and use different methods and techniques to transform them. From my final presentation I’ve been asked to submit my work for an Otago Polytechnic incubator project to form thank you presents for guests that visit. I will take away new skills that I plan to use when I have freelance work that requires me to print digitally onto fabric for business marketing, and hopefully also for some of my own personal work that has the potential to turn into gifts, decoration, or cfashion pieces. Thank you.